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13 Stairs, officially known as Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. Not much is known about the history of this location. 13 Stairs is an old cemetery, with most of the graves dating back to the 1800's and early 1900's. There have been a number of witness accounts of apparitions being seen at this cemetery, reports of people being touched by unseen things and a strong feeling of being watched. On September 16, 2000, we made our first trip to 13 Stairs. We shot two rolls of film and took some sound readings. There were two locations in the cemetery where we picked up strong sound vibrations, although no sounds were heard. The first roll of film shot was infrared. There were no abnormalities observed on that roll. The second roll was standard black and white film. We observed one abnormality. A curved white line is in the negative's emulsion. The possiblity that it is dirt on the lens is unlikley, as it is only visible in one photo. Our next trip to the cemetery will incude E.M.F and thermal scans along with E.V.P attempts and more photos.

On September 30, 2000, we made our second trip to 13 Stairs. We spent approximately 3 to 4 hours at the cemetery. We identfied two locations in the cemetery that contained cold spots. The cold spots were found at the same locations that we had noted sound vibrations on our first visit. While examining one of the cold spots, one of the members was pointing an E.M.F detector at me, just as I felt a cold spot come into contact with the left side of my face, a spike was noted on the E.M.F detector. We decided to focus the remainder of our time on that spot, and set up our photo and recording equipment. I set a Minolta manual camera with a red filter on a tripod, and focused it on the cold spot. I shot 24 shots without moving the camera. Twenty of the pictures came back pure black, the remaining four showed red orbs. We also recorded one E.V.P. of a female voice saying "It's me. Ha, ha, ha."

These two orbs were photographed on September 30, 2000. They appear red because a red filter was used on the camera lens. The orb at the top would be about the size of a baseball


At 7:55 p.m., I.C.P.R began its third official investigation of 13 stairs. The goals of the investigation were to map the location, photograph anomalies, attempt E.V.P.ís, and measuring E.M. fields. We split up into two teams. Team one focused on the south side of the cemetery and team two focused on the north side of the cemetery.

Team one consisted of I.C.P.R researchers Don, Jenny, Gnessy and Brian. The main goals of team one were to map the location of, and test thermal reactions to the cold sensation often reported in relation to paranormal activity. We used an ambient digital thermometer for this test. At 8:45 we felt a cold spot, however, the digital thermometer indicated that the temperature had risen by three degrees.


Minolta x-700 SLR mounted on a tripod with flash. I.S.O. 800 color print film- No anomalous photos captured.

Cellsensor E.M.F detector- 0 fields detected.

Infrared motion sensor- Alarm was triggered once by unseen source.

Springfield Digital Thermometer- Consistent temperature drop with one 3-degree rise.

Audio recorder for E.V.P- No E.V.P recorded.

Team Two consisted of I.C.P.R researchers Rick, John and Kyle. The main goals of team two were to photograph the location of, and monitor electromagnetic field variations. An E.M. field was detected in zone two. The field strength averaged 2 mill gauss with spikes reported at 6 mill gauss. A number of orb photos were captured on digital cameras at the time of the stronger spikes. The main source of activity seemed to be focused around the grave of Lucy E. No other information was available on the head stone.

At 9:05 team one joined team two and both teams focused on the grave of Lucy. Don attempted an E.V.P. During the E.V.P attempt, the trifield E.M.F. detector registered a constant reading above 3 mill gauss. Several orb photos were captured during this time. Unfortunately the E.V.P. was inconclusive due to excessive background noise.

At 9:30 p.m the activity seemed to migrate to the back of the cemetery, we followed. As we approached the back of the cemetery, we came into contact with a strong cold spot, leaving most of us a little light headed and some reports of nausea. At this point the trifield registered off the scale, and at that point the activity stopped.


Digital camcorder- Sharp Digital Viewcam- Autofocus would not remain focused.

Sony Mavica Digital camera- No Report.

Olympus E-10 SLR Digital camera monted on a tripod- Numerous orbs captured.

Hewlett Packard c-200 Digital camera- Numerous orbs captured.

Trifield natural E.M- Field strengths of 2-6. One off the scale reading.

Gauss Master- Readings of 4.5.

Audio recorder for E.V.P- Inconclusive.


I.C.P.R. has confirmed the existence of an anomalous energy source at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. This was confirmed by the detection of electromagnetic fields, and increases in temperature that occurred simultaneously with minor electrical shocks which caused researchers to experience cold spots, lightheadedness, and nausea. We did not confirm any signs that this electrical activity was intelligent, more tests will need to be done.